Helpful Hints

Here are some helpful hints to assure that your luncheon runs smoothly, so you can focus on your family and friends.

  1. How do I let the venue know how many people will be attending the luncheon?
    Guest count is often a concern that is not always concrete until the last moment. If your group is coming to the venue directly from the cemetery, your funeral director can be instrumental in communicating your probable guest count. Please inform the funeral director earlier in the day with venue contact and phone number. Funeral Directors are normally happy to help.
  2. Will gratuity be added to my check?
    Gratuity is normally added by a venue for large parties. It is easy to forget or overlook this detail. Percentages vary. Occasionally, a venue will not add gratuity at all or it is included in the price per person. It is best to establish this detail before your event; you may be pre-occupied when the bill arrives.
  3. Do these venue have a Minimum Room Charge?
    Most of our establishments do NOT have a minimum room charge for Memorial Luncheons. However there are some establishments that require a minimum guest count. We do our best to include that information on our website. While a room charge is not usually charged for funeral luncheons, it is best to ask ahead of time.
  4. Who do I speak with at the venue?
    AT most the venues, you will arrange your funeral luncheon with a general manager or banquet manager. Be sure to write down that person’s contact information. When possible, try to deal with one individual about your event to prevent any future confusion. Ask for their cell number; it may come in handy.
  5. Do all venues print individual menus?
    Not all restaurants will print individual menus for your guests. You will notice the words “Customized Menus” or similar on our website to indicate the venues that do. If the venue prints a menu for each guest, make sure they have correct spelling of your information, preferably in writing. This task generally gets delegated to another employee at the venue.
  6. Does the venue have audio/visual equipment?
    If you require audio/visual equipment, ask the venue if they have thoroughly tested their equipment to avoid mishaps. We do try indicate on the menu if audio/visual equipment is available.